Omniglide 900 by Flamerite

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As with all things that come in 3's, there's always the middle child. This is the Omniglide 900 from Flamerite is the centre version, being shorter then the 1300 model and longer then the 600 model, all the while having the same brilliant LED flame effect and a remote control tablet (optional) and "Smart eControl" app system as standard. This fire also comes standard with a cinderlog fuel bed and a choice of either alto silver, black or grey mirror trim options. As with the other Omniglide versions, it also has an output of 1.5kW, but unlike the other Omniglide models it can be placed on the wall rather then inside the wall, so it can be a perfectly viable fire option even if there is no depth for it inside the wall.

Technical Specifications

Height: 560mm

Width: 1050mm

Depth: 160mm

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