Recent Projects

Marble base media wall with Firez 1500 electric fire

This large room was missing a lovely Media wall! The customers got in touch and within a few months we fitted this amazing media wall! A floating design with added LED lights underneath to illuminate the whole area. What a Beauty!

Firez 1500 extnded base

A clean design fitted back in 2019 ! An extended base to support a beautiful media wall fire, This will look amazing from all angles all year round!

Modern media wall build with Firez 1500 electric fire

Raised media wall fitted back in 2020! LED light under the unit to give a bit of extra effect. Of course the customer was over the moon! We still get messages & pictures from the customer to this day. Job well done for sure.

Media wall build, start to finish

This completely bespoke design which was drawn by the customer turned out amazing! Wall to wall & raised from the floor in a way like no other! This media wall is certainly different, and absolutely gorgeous!

1 sided firez 1800 with alcoves

A stunning wall to wall media wall build fitted back in 2019! This build paved the way for us as not many companies would offer such a stunning design!

Firez 1500 build with sound bar opening

Sometimes the simpler the better... And in this case it couldn't be more true ! A stunning flush design with sound bar and tv flush to the wall to create a simplistic masterpiece.

Firez 1500 extended base with venetian plastering

The package 1 deal in full swing ! Not much to be said other than WOW, Amazing extended base design to give the media wall a wide stunning false chimney breast to host the fire.

Firez 1500 venetian plastering

Our package 1 media wall deal fitted with an extended base, this is clearly one of our most popular designs. Nice & simple but still packs a mighty punch! Finished in grey marble effect venetian plaster. Sometimes less is more, and this clearly proves it.

Firez 1500 Slimline, mood lighting install

A slimline media wall package fitted with added spotlights and a lowered ceiling effect. It looks amazing !, The spotlights can be turned on or off, and certainly add a lot of ambience to the media wall and room.

Firez 1800 with lip along the fire

The whole company loves this design! Nice & standard with an added lip around the fire to create a design like no other. This has been one of our most popular designs since we built this one, and we can certainly see why!

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