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Firez 1500 3 shelves each side

Alcove design with Firez 1500

Media wall package 1, Firez 1500

Firez 1500 package for Mr Adams, Hampshire

Accentuated with a luxurious Venetian marble finish, this exquisite media wall is more than just a visual delight. It profoundly transforms the ambiance of the customer's living space, merging both style and substance to create a grand focal point that elevates the entire room's aesthetic.

Stunning media wall package for Mrs Jones, Maidstone

No bells or whistles are needed when it comes to this design, this stunning bespoke media wall creates a simple yet striking addition to this living room. The 1500 fire can create the perfect atmosphere with its multi coloured flames and under bed lighting. Turning what would be a plain wall to a multi media hub.

Firez 1500 package for Mrs Lambert, Edinburgh

Step into the realm of contemporary luxury as you behold the awe-inspiring bespoke media wall, a masterpiece meticulously crafted for Mrs. Lambert's modern living space in Edinburgh. The cutting-edge slimline fire dances with elegance, while the shelves and artful spotlights create an ambiance that redefines opulence. Prepare to be captivated by the fusion of art and technology, a living space that leaves an indelible impression on the senses.

Firez 1500 standard design for Mr Maxwell, Brighton

Another media wall build that shows just how exquisite a simplistic design can turn out. Despite the relaxing, neutral tones throughout the room, it still has great character whilst also retaining that warm feeling. The different colour options and realistic shimmering effect on the under bed lighting in the Firez range pulls the whole theme together. Simple and classic.

Alcove package for Mr Cobb, Dover

This extravagant media wall installation has seemingly both transformed the whole living space, whilst also managing to encapsulate the elegant look and feel in which the room had originally. The wall-to-wall masterpiece spans across over 4 metres, whilst also maintaining the simple, clean look finished off with some decorative details within each of the alcoves.

Firez 1800 standard design for Mr Krushniak, Birmingham

Stunningly simplistic design that still creates a strong focal point within any living space. The straight media wall builds are evidently an amazing way to hide cables and media devices into one place, whilst creating a brilliant effect built entirely bespoke to suit whatever size TV you may have.

Firez 1500 standard design for Mrs Smith, York

This 3 sided effect media wall design is not only a beautiful sight from all angles, but it also shows how easy it really is to add a striking focal point to any room or space without having to give up much in return. The Firez 1500 takes the spotlight in this particular build giving a pop of colour to a stunningly decorated, elegant living space.

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