Recent Projects

Package 3 - Firez 1600

Dive into our latest media wall masterpieces! These installations proudly showcase the expansive 1600mm fire, enhanced with dynamic colour-changing options. Not only does it serve as a captivating focal point, but its adaptability also allows for mood-setting that complements any occasion or decor.

Package 4 - Firez 1800

Introducing the 'Package 4 Media Wall Deal', spotlighting our innovative Firez 1800 fire. Our recent installations demonstrate the seamless blend of technology and design, as this centerpiece comes equipped with LED lighting, a spectrum of 14 mesmerizing colour-changing options, and the convenience of remote control. Witness how we've transformed living spaces for our esteemed customers!

Media Wall Package 3 - Firez 1600

Presenting the 'Media Wall Package 3 - Firez 1600': Crafted with precision and expertise, our skilled fitters seamlessly integrated the majestic Firez 1600 into a stud wall for Mrs. Hanif. Beyond the impeccable installation, the unparalleled service we provided left her exceptionally satisfied and delighted with the transformation of her living space.

Amazing installation of our Firez media wall package

Experience the artistry with our Firez media wall package installation. This design is crafted to captivate and command attention. The meticulously arranged shelves stand as a testament to detailed craftsmanship, adding an unexpected but delightful twist to the space!

Package 1 - 1 sided design with 6 shelves

Introducing a sleek 1-sided design featuring 6 strategically placed shelves. Our latest installation in Leeds showcases the elegant Firez 1500 fire, flanked by three symmetrical shelves on either side, each illuminated by the gentle glow of warm LED lights. A perfect blend of function and finesse for any modern space.

Firez 1600 Package with shelving installed

Showcasing the Firez 1600: This design melds both functionality and elegance with its integrated shelving. Our dedicated fitters, covering the entirety of the UK mainland, journeyed to Essex to execute this exquisite transformation. The outcome? A living space reborn, radiating sophistication and charm.

Media wall install for Mr Wilson using our firez 1600 fire

Tailored Excellence: For Mr. Wilson, we installed a media wall integrating our advanced Firez 1600 fire unit. The design exudes a seamless elegance; the TV and soundbar are meticulously fitted for a flawless appearance. Complementing the sophisticated setup, Mr. Wilson opted for a rich dark Venetian finish, elevating the media wall's aesthetics to new heights.

Firez 1500 package for Mr Adams

This media wall not only serves as a visual centerpiece but also boasts ample storage on both sides. Thoughtfully designed cut-outs accommodate gaming consoles and a soundbar, ensuring a clutter-free setup. The entire piece is elegantly completed with a deep, dark Venetian finish, harmonizing functionality and style.

Stunning media wall package for Mrs Jones

Elegance Redefined: Introducing our bespoke media wall package exclusively crafted for Mrs. Jones. Situated in Wakefield, this installation showcases a meticulously designed extended base, coupled with the exquisite charm of Venetian-effect plaster. A testament to our commitment to turning visions into reality, Mrs. Jones's space has been transformed into a sanctuary of style and sophistication.

Firez 1500 package for Mrs Lambert

Modern Elegance with the Firez 1500: Specifically tailored for Mrs. Lambert, this bespoke media wall artfully integrates our slimline fire. It serves as a centerpiece, melding function and form, turning her space into contemporary luxury. Complemented by strategically placed shelves and precision-focused spotlights, the design brings warmth and modernity to every corner of the room.

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