Recent Projects

Alcove package for Mr Cobb, Dover

This extravagant media wall installation has seemingly both transformed the whole living space, whilst also managing to encapsulate the elegant look and feel in which the room had originally. The wall-to-wall masterpiece spans across over 4 metres, whilst also maintaining the simple, clean look finished off with some decorative details within each of the alcoves.

Firez 1800 standard design for Mr Krushniak, Birmingham

Stunningly simplistic design that still creates a strong focal point within any living space. The straight media wall builds are evidently an amazing way to hide cables and media devices into one place, whilst creating a brilliant effect built entirely bespoke to suit whatever size TV you may have.

Firez 1500 standard design for Mrs Smith, York

This 3 sided effect media wall design is not only a beautiful sight from all angles, but it also shows how easy it really is to add a striking focal point to any room or space without having to give up much in return. The Firez 1500 takes the spotlight in this particular build giving a pop of colour to a stunningly decorated, elegant living space.

Firez 1800 package with alcoves for Mr Bahi, Dundee

This media wall is simply breath taking. The full build is wall-to wall-spanning across a total of 7 metres. With any media wall of this size and proportion, there is of course only one size fire to suite, the Firez 1800. Decorating with family photos and a subtle paint finish was definitely the best choice for a build of this size to keep to a natural look that would work in any space.

Firez 1500 package for Mr Cowling, Glasgow

This build is a great example of how a media wall design can be used to not only transform the look and feel of your room, but also the space that you have within it. The many different ornaments and decoration on each of the alcoves really displays how much character and space you can create with a full alcove build whilst also ensuring it is stylish and innovative.

Media Wall for Mr Heyes, Suffolk

Brilliantly minimalistic and complimentary of the whole living space, our full alcove builds can be built to whatever space you have there currently to achieve both a great new look to the room, but also additional storage options. If not, you can use the space to further elevate the room to a whole new level through intricate decoration and ornaments.

Media wall install for Mr Wilson using our firez 1600 fire

Step into a living room transformed into a realm of sophistication with the mesmerizing dark Venetian finish adorning the showpiece media wall. Behold the joyous delight of Mr. Wilson, a satisfied customer in Essex, as this masterpiece of design and craftsmanship takes center stage, leaving guests awe-inspired and speechless.

Firez 1600 media wall install

Step into a realm of unparalleled design mastery, where we proudly present our magnum opus - a symphony of luxury and innovation! Our Firez 1600 electric fire stands at the heart of a breathtaking installation, where 10 shelves and 2 cupboards converge with seamless precision. To crown this masterpiece, the mesmerizing marble effect Venetian plaster envelops the entire creation, elevating it to an unparalleled level of opulence. Believe us when we say, it simply doesn't get better than this!

8 Alcoves with firez 1500 fire

Step into Mr. Solomon's living space in Romford, where a bespoke media wall awaits, a masterful fusion of art and functionality. With ample storage space cleverly concealed behind its captivating design, this installation leaves no room for clutter. Bask in the warm glow of carefully placed lights that add a touch of magic to this stunning creation, transforming it into a true masterpiece, worthy of admiration and awe.

1500e slimline installed on to current chimney breast

Chimney breast getting in the way of you having your dream living room? Our sales staff have over 5 years of media wall knowledge. Get in contact with us today for your free design consultation.

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