Recent Projects

Stunning media wall package for Mrs Jones

Elegance Redefined: Introducing our bespoke media wall package exclusively crafted for Mrs. Jones. Situated in Wakefield, this installation showcases a meticulously designed extended base, coupled with the exquisite charm of Venetian-effect plaster. A testament to our commitment to turning visions into reality, Mrs. Jones's space has been transformed into a sanctuary of style and sophistication.

Firez 1500 package for Mrs Lambert

Modern Elegance with the Firez 1500: Specifically tailored for Mrs. Lambert, this bespoke media wall artfully integrates our slimline fire. It serves as a centerpiece, melding function and form, turning her space into contemporary luxury. Complemented by strategically placed shelves and precision-focused spotlights, the design brings warmth and modernity to every corner of the room.

Media Wall Package 4 - A Symphony of Style and Function

Earlier this year, we introduced a spectacular installation that truly encapsulates the essence of modern design. This edition of Package 4 is adorned with distinctive split tiles, elevating its aesthetic appeal. Paired with the unparalleled warmth and ambiance of our signature Firez fire, this media wall not only serves as an entertainment hub but also as a captivating piece of art that is sure to be a conversation starter.

Media Wall Package 3 - Elegance in Simplicity

Elevate your living space with this beautifully streamlined design. Its minimalistic aesthetic belies the warmth and inviting ambiance it brings. This package seamlessly blends functionality with style, ensuring a cozy and refined setting that you'll cherish every day. A choice you won't regret!

Firez 1600 Media Wall

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of transforming a living space with our Firez 1600 Media Package. Elegantly designed and meticulously installed, it quickly became the focal point of the room. Our customer was beyond thrilled with the sophisticated upgrade. Experience the blend of style and satisfaction for yourself!

Media Wall Package 3 - Barnsley Installation

Elevate your living space with our signature build that seamlessly incorporates a sound bar opening for an immersive audio experience. As a practical addition, the design also includes a lower log store, merging functionality with finesse. This exquisite piece was recently showcased in a Barnsley home, where it added a touch of modern sophistication to their living area."

Media Wall for Mr Spence, Poole

Our expert team recently completed a flawless installation of the Firez 1600. The captivating elegance of this design left Mr. Spence absolutely mesmerized by the transformation of his space!

Media Wall Package Deal 3

Elevate your space with our Media Wall Package 3 deal, which showcases the captivating Firez 1500e. Its contemporary design and unmatched performance make it a centerpiece in any room, offering both aesthetics and functionality in one package.

Media Wall Package 4 with shelves

Media Wall Package 4 with Shelves: Dive into the festive season with our exquisitely designed Media Wall Package 4. With its elegant shelving, it's not only a visual treat but also offers practical storage. It's been adorned splendidly, creating a cozy ambiance for families to unite and celebrate. A true centerpiece for holiday gatherings!

Package Deal 2

Experience unparalleled elegance with our latest media wall offering. Our expert fitters have masterfully executed this design, leaving yet another customer in awe of its beauty and sophistication. A true embodiment of style meets function!

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